CCM are a leading independent garage group based at 3 locations across Surrey and Sussex. The business has been trading since 1991 from its humble beginnings in Ewhurst, Surrey.
Today, CCM employs 26 mechanics, MOT testers and support staff who maintain and service all makes and models of cars and light commercial vehicles.

Our services cover all areas of modern vehicle repair and servicing, and alongside this we have chosen to specialise in certain areas. One of the key specialist areas covered by CCM is head skimming and their related systems and components, from a rebuild of a 1950’s classic to diagnostic of the latest automatic and CVT gearboxes are equipped to help.


  • Large fleet of coutesy cars
  • Dealer quality at local prices
  • Latest diagnostics equipment
  • Skills and knowledge of 26 lifetime professionals


CCM – Your cost-effective alternative to the main dealers.

Whist you have found one of our specialist service websites, we offer a much wider range of skills, employing over 20 staff with a lifetime of skills and experience. Working across 3 locations in Surrey & Sussex, we are your local garage for much more than just head skimming.

MOT Testing

CCM operates 5 MOT bays and can test mopeds, motorbikes, cars and vans up to 3.5 tonnes. We offer MOT testing from 8:00 am and can quickly quote and effect MOT repairs on the same day.

Oil Change

The lifeblood of every vehicle. The single most important thing every car owner must do is to change the oil every year. If you do nothing else then do this!


Modern cars are ever more complex beasts. CCM is a VAG approved main dealer level diagnostic agent. We also carry BOSCH, AUTEL, AUTOLOGIC and countless tier two diagnostic tools enabling us to help our customers retail and trade.

Air Conditioning

All CCM depots offer air conditioning recharge and servicing at competitive rates. Fully trained staff with specialist equipment to meet all a/c needs, including decontamination.

Brakes / Clutches

CCM has been around for over 25 years, so all the routine work like brakes and clutches really is routine to us! Whatever your car needs we can help, so call us for competitive pricing and a ‘can do’ approach.

Gearbox Flushing

A more recent addition to our specialist services is automatic gearbox flushing. If you have a modern automatic car that has reached 70,000 or more miles, then call us for a chat about gearbox maintenance.

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